2/16/06 Minuteman III Launch by Jim Albers


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Photo taken by Bryan Murahashi from 

Loma Prieta Ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains 

southwest of San Jose, CA

False-color processed Nightshot Video

every 30th frame (1 sec)

taken by  Jim Albers from 

Loma Prieta Ridge 

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060216_mm3_wide_by60_lbl.gif (20838 bytes)

Photo above with airplane removed

Grayscale processed Nightshot Video

every 60th frame (2 sec)


News release about Launch

Photo taken by Brian Lockett from Camino Cielo in Southern California (Goleta Air Museum)

Launch Info at SpaceArchive

Finder Charts

Viewpoint is Santa Cruz Mountains, but should be good enough for South Bay Area


  70 Degree FOV

Use for Composing Wide Field Photo

20 Degree FOV

Use for Acquiring Missile Soon After Launch

2330 PST 2/15/06

Photo Setup

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0001 PST 2/16/06

Window Open

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