7/20/06 3:14 AM PDT Minuteman III Launch by Jim Albers


Bryan Murahashi Images
First Stages

(missing earliest visible part of trajectory)

Canon 10D, FL = 48mm, ISO800, 92 second exposure

Third Stage, Milky Way and Meteor

Nikon D70, FL=18mm, 147 second exposure

Third Stage Plume, Milky Way and Satellite (?)

Nikon D70, FL=18mm, 137 second exposure


CRW_4023_quart_black_-40_150.jpg (26689 bytes) DSC_0227_quart_iris_black_-40_100.jpg (29511 bytes) DSC_0228_half_iris_black_-30_80.jpg (136931 bytes)
  Meteor Satellite (?)
  DSC_0227_meteor_iris_-20_150.jpg (22439 bytes) DSC_0228_sat_-20_100.jpg (23137 bytes)
Skymap Chart 19 Deg FOV Skymap Chart 52 Deg FOV  
SKYMAP_0314_19deg.gif (10238 bytes) SKYMAP_0315_52deg.gif (15639 bytes)  

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Skymap program by Rob Matson used to generate starmaps