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[ New 2/12 ]  Mosaic of 1 Second Exposures by Charlie Pillers of the SJAA, using an Olympus C3030, taken from San Jose, CA
[ New 2/4 ]  Long Exposures #1, #2 by Brian Day of the Peninsula Astronomical Society, taken from Red Bluff, CA
Long Exposure (link) showing both bright SRC and dim persistent trail due to camera movement at beginning of exposure. Taken by Joe Bauman of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society from the Wendover Airport, UT.
  Wide Field image (30 seconds exposure @ 100 ISO, F/2.8) taken using a Sony DSC-P150 by Bruce Fischer of the Ogden Astronomical Society from Wendover Airport, UT and submitted by his son Brad Fischer. Orion can be seen below and to the left of of the SRC streak, just above the clouds.
  Screen captures of simulated bus and SRC using free Orbiter spacecraft simulation SW.
  Wide Field image (link) taken by Adam Williams using Canon EOS 20D, with 15mm F3.5, at 100 ISO, 61 sec exposure from Antioch, CA  . Free Iris image processing SW can be used to view and process the raw image files. 
  Time lapse of SRC and bus separation captured by the AEOS telescope at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s site atop the dormant volcano Haleakala on Maui , HI. (2.3 Mb)
  SRC FM radio scatter recording and reentry photo (link), Stephen P. McGreevy, Keeler, CA, and Earl Wilson of the China Lake Astro Society / Western Amateur Astronomers, Lone Pine, CA 
  Negative Observation (link)  Gert Gottschalk, Fremont, CA 
Bill Kissam Gallery (link), Pine Valley, UT
  Tana Taylor photo, Battle Mountain, NV. SRC is bright blob.
  Rick Baldridge Gallery (link)  (topo maps, photo, finder chart), Peninsula Astronomical Society, taken from Red Bluff, CA
  Tim Harris Video (957 kb) , taken from N 40.33, W 114 near UT/NV border
First released image of Stardust (link) (CCD/Telescope long exposure before reentry) Bill Keel, UA, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Nikon D70 images, Bryan Murahashi, taken from Redding, CA
Re-entry Radio Echos at 50, 55 and 144MHz (link), Robert Brown, Madera Co, CA
 NASA Ames Hypervelocity Reentry Galleries (link)
Dr Sky (link) interviews Peter Jenniskens (link 10 Mb .mp3) before the reentry
Chris Detrick photo gallery (link), showing both bright SRC and persistent dim trail, Wendover, UT
  Popular Mechanics Coverage of the DC-8 Flight
Nancy Wood and Tucker Elsner Record Sonic Booms (link), Elko, NV
Video aboard DC-8 (link), NBC KNTV-11, San Jose, CA
Video of the Landing (link), BBC News
Photos of Reentry & Capsule (link), NASA



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